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Eternal God,
we know you have a special love
for the poor and the little ones
and defend those
whose rights are trampled up on.

We pray for people treated unjustly,
sold like common merchandise,
youngsters, children even,
whose lives are valued
at less than thirty silver coins.

Merciful and caring God,
we believe you will not forget them.
Their names stand written
on the palm of your hand.

Make us realise that we, too,
have a task in this world
where markets decide,
not only the price of coffee
but also that of people.

Give us the courage to speak out
against injustice and abuse,
to stand with your smallest people
and denounce all injustice.

God, we ask you,
give all those who fight
against trafficking
understanding and determination;
give victims strength
and confidence in you.

Help us also, merciful God,
to pray for those,
that from idleness and coldness
bring the evil of trafficking
into our world.
May they come to realise their wrongdoing.

We ask you this
in the name of Jesus,
your son and our brother.

Prayer used for the EU Anti-trafficking day by Dutch Foundation of Religious against Trafficking in Women